Amazing Protein Custard Options You Must Try

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Amazing Protein Custard Options You Must Try

Looking for a satisfying treat that won't break the macro bank? Love protein snacks? THIS is the right place for you! Here, we feature the top protein custards that will satisfy the taste buds, help you achieve your desired body composition, and serve as a smarter option when the cravings strike.

1. Lean Dessert by Genetix Nutrition Chef Series

Lean Dessert by Genetix Nutrition Chef Series

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When you want an option that feels like a naughty treat but couldn't be further from it, Lean Dessert is your new go-to! This deliciously satisfying blend contains milk protein, healthy fats as MCTs and fibre to keep you fuller for longer. Perfect for when you're trying to achieve your healthy weight goals, or you want to keep your lean muscle gains any time of the day!

Lean Dessert gives you:  

  • 141 Calories
  • 25.1g Protein
  • 1.6g Fat
  • 1.4g Saturated Fat
  • 6.3g Carbohydrates
  • 4.0g Sugars
  • 2.5g Dietary Fibre

2. Plant Protein Pudding by Macro Mike

Though this is technically a 'pudding', it truly is a plant based custard! Coming later to the scene (milk casein usually is what you'll find in protein custards), if you've been aching for a thicker protein that still tastes amazing, Macro Mike has your back. Each serve contains a rich, decadent smoothness with - guess what - no nasty or artificial ingredients! Grab one today and get ready for a new experience in the vegan-friendly way of eating.

Plant Protein Pudding gives you:

  • 142 Calories
  • 21.8g Protein
  • 3.4g Fat
  • 0.6g Saturated Fat
  • 6.3g Carbohydrates
  • 3.6g Sugars
  • 4.8g Dietary Fibre

Plant Protein Pudding by Macro Mike

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3. Burn Custard by Maxine's

Burn Custard by Maxine's

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Maxine's is coming to the protein custard party with a blend that also contains prized thermogenics. If you're on the shred train, this one's for you. With crazy low calories and a potent punch of delicious flavour, you can't go wrong with this macro-friendly dessert. Whether you're on a strict fitness challenge or simply want to lean up for the summer, you can safely ditch your high fat, high sugar desserts for a treat that satisfies the soul and fills you with protein goodness.

Burn Custard brings you:

  • 108 Calories
  • 20.3g Protein
  • 1.2g Fat
  • 0.8g Saturated Fat
  • 4.0g Carbohydrates
  • 2.1g Sugars
  • 75mg Green Tea Extract
  • 50mg Kidney Bean Extract
  • 50mg Garcinia Cambogia Extract
  • 50mg Rasberry Ketones
  • 30mg L-Carnitine

4. Casein Custard by Gen-Tec Nutrition

Last but certainly NOT least - This is the true O.G! Gen-Tec has a variety of flavours designed to impress and of course, keep you hooked (in the best way possiible!). Standing the test of time, these custards are amazingly smooth and super easy to prepare - perfect for when you're in a rush or suffering a snack attack. Use the slow-acting protein to help fuel your gains while you sleep, or keep you satisfied for longer when you're trying to diet. Either way, this is considered a gym goer's staple!

Casein Custard brings you:  

  • 151 Calories
  • 26.8g Protein
  • 1.5g Fat
  • 0.7g Saturated Fat
  • 3.2g Carbohydrates
  • 3.6g Sugars
  • 335mg Colostrum
  • 64mg Immunoglobulin G

Casein Custard by Gen-Tec Nutrition

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