8 Damaging Diet & Health Mistakes

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8 Damaging Diet & Health Mistakes

Many people complicate the basics... some for an opportunity to have a commercial marketing advantage or simply to appear like they hold the be all end all magic trick.

So instead of sugar coating the cold hard truths... here is what NOT to believe in. Broken down just for you...

Mistake #1: ‘Healthy’ Cooking Oils

Oozing oil onto your salads or cooking because of the perpetuating myths of healthy oils like coconut oil? Avocado oil? Extra virgin olive oil?

Or better yet… turning your innocent coffee bulletproof?

You should be finding areas to SAVE calories on your weight loss diet… not be adding them in unnecessarily. You could be making your calorie deficit a calorie disaster.

  • FIX: swap out for a cooking spray when cooking or cook in something lower in calories.
Mistake #2: Watch the sugary/fatty sauces & dressing

Oozing oil may not be your only culprit…..

Full sugar and fat sauces, dips, and dressings can add up to 10g of sugar or fats with every tablespoon!! And there is NO WAY your limit stops there.

  • FIX: swap out for herbs, seasonings, salts and spices. Pre-make some rubs or your own Splenda versions of sauces.
  • Look into lower calorie dressings like red wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, fish sauce or lime juice.
Mistake #3: Making or buying ‘healthy’ sugar drinks

Juicing your fruit not eating it?  Buying your favourite smoothies, shakes, frappes or whatever picks your fancy?

Calories are easy to drink and can leave you not satiated. Sugar is still sugar whether organic or agave or cane.

Coffee? drink it black and chuck in a sweetener!  And if you add butter……. Shots fired!

Mistake #4: Not Getting Enough Sleep

Can make you hungry, lethargic, drop your performance, and just want to eat more food.

Mistake #5: Thinking there are different kinds of sugar

As I touched on before. SUGAR IS SUGAR.

Whether from fruit, organic, raw, in cake, in honey or syrup form…. BE MINDFUL OF YOUR INTAKE

  • FIX: ask your self if you are just getting empty calories from the food
  • Ask yourself if you are really going to enjoy that food
Mistake #6: thinking that eating more will speed up your metabolism.

3 meals or 6, what matters is if you are in a deficit or surplus

No, you do not have to eat breakfast to kick start your metabolism. Eat as many meals that work for you in your schedule with your calorie budget.

Mistake #7: Thinking clean is the only way to eat

See above. Be in a calorie deficit

Mistake #8: Thinking carbs make you fat

Do they take you over your caloric budget?  Then yes they do.

Fit them into your calorie deficit? Then no they will not make you fat. 12pm 5pm 9pm… they will not make you fat.

And there we have it… 8 mistakes that commercials, talk shows, magazines, or self-professed gurus will have you believe.

Were you one to fall victim to any of the above? Now you have the facts in simple terms so you can diet smarter and accomplish your goals without the pain of confusion and myths.

Ruby Vella

Online Coach

I work intimately with my #teamruby girls through coaching for nutrition and training for lifestyle as well as contest preparation. I also compete as an IFBB figure girl myself and thoroughly enjoy living, breathing, and preaching the health and fitness lifestyle. Knowledge is never stagnant! Science is never stagnant!  So I am constantly researching and reading up on studies and information. I live it and love it!


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