Myth 3 - Eating A Lot of Protein is Bad

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Myth 3 - Eating A Lot of Protein is Bad

Many people believe that eating a lot of protein can damage your bones and cause osteoporosis due to being acidic in nature.

In fact, eating more protein is consistently associated with improved bone density and a lower risk of fracture in old age. The key to maintaining bone density is to perform weight bearing (Resistance) exercise.

Another myth that has circulated suggests that protein increases strain on your kidneys and contributes to kidney failure.

Studies in healthy individuals show that protein does not cause an increase in kidney disease or kidney strain. In fact, one study went as high as 3g / kg / day for 2 years with no increased markers of kidney damage.


In healthy individuals, protein reduces two of the main risk factors for kidney disease… which are diabetes and high blood pressure.

Eating a high protein diet has many other benefits, including increased muscle mass, reduced body fat and a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

What is considered high? You should aim for no more than 2g / kg / day of protein intake. This calculation is based on your goal body weight so you are feeding for result. For Example, Chloe weighs 70kg but wants to get to 65kg. Chloe needs to eat 130g of protein per day divided into 4 – 6 portions.

Bottom Line

Studies show that protein has positive benefits on bone health in the long term and does not raise the risk of kidney or liver disease in healthy individuals. The upper limit should be 2g / kg / day as excessive amounts of protein may not provide greater benefits. 

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