Myth 9 - Carbs at Night Will Make You Fat

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Myth 9 - Carbs at Night Will Make You Fat

There’s no question that loading up on sugary and refined carbohydrate rich foods, such as bread, pasta and doughnuts, can increase your risk of developing health problems like heart disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and weight gain.

Eating some carbs is going to be useful but if you eat them at night will they make you fat. Right? The short answer is NO. Carbs are best consumed around activity and if you are most active after work in the evening then you should consume more of your carbs around this time.


In fact, eating the right carbs at night has been shown to boost your metabolism, enhance sleep, control appetite better the following day and reduce the stress hormone cortisol.

However, if you are implementing an intermittent fasting approach while using Keto Switch™ to promote fat loss it is advised to reduce your evening carbs at the beginning of your fast. We suggest you only implement this approach if you have a high-level understanding of nutrition or you are working with a qualified nutritionist.

Bottom Line

Eating carbs after dark won’t make you fat. In fact, there are fat burning benefits to eating carbs at night after exercise. The key is to choose the right carbs and not to overeat them. Follow your nutrition plan and trust the process.

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