WTF is a "Beef Bar"?

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WTF is a

The number one thing I hear when I pull out a bar from Chief Nutrition is, "What is that!? WTF is a beef bar? Well, let me start at the beginning.

I created Chief with my co-founder Libby Babet because, as health and fitness specialists, we always used to get asked by our clients, "what snacks do you recommend?"

We always found ourselves saying "don't snack" or "a handful of nuts or a banana", which is pretty useless advice for people who were a little addicted to snacking on bars that looked healthy but were full of cheap and nasty artificial ingredients and far too much sugar. Will power only gets you so far.

We needed something just as tasty but without all the crap. So, we decided to try to do just that, and after years of frustrating trials with one of Australia's top food scientists, we managed to create a range of delicious, clean and healthy snacks we not only recommend to our clients but we eat them daily ourselves!

About Our Beef Bar

Our beef bars were our very first product because we wanted to start with a savoury option which is what you tend to feel like after exercise. Besides salted nuts, the other convenient savoury options were chips, pretzels and jerky full of chemical crap.

In our mind, we were thinking, "we need a grass-fed steak on the go", and that's essentially how our beef bar was born. They're made from organic grass-fed and grass-finished meat that's farmed using regenerative practices – this was important for us because not only is it tastier, healthier meat, but it's also better for the animals' quality of life and the planet. 

If you can't wrap your head around the idea of a meat bar, think of it as a healthier and more tender version of jerky.

Each bar starts with 80g of lean steak (topside and brisket), which is the ideal serving size of red meat. It's then slow dried to remove all the water weight and preserve all the nutrients.

The result is a very nutrient-dense and filling bar that's full of natural and easily absorbable protein, iron and vitamin B12. It's literally like a steak in a bar, or perhaps more accurately like a rissole!

So, why did we choose beef? Isn't beef unhealthy? Beef isn't unhealthy. Ultra-processed meat is unhealthy, just like ultra-processed anything is unhealthy. Our bars and biltong are as minimally processed as you can get, and we avoid all the nasty stuff you normally see in dried and cured meats. And despite that, they'll still last at least 6 months on the shelf without refrigeration.

Beef Bar by Chief.

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Besides all the additional nutrients found in meat, the most recent research indicates that animal protein is more effective in building lean muscle mass than plant protein because of animal protein quality. Protein quality depends on the composition of amino acids and their ability to be digested, absorbed and utilised to meet the body's needs. Animal protein is deemed as "high quality" because it provides all the essential amino acids in sufficient quantities and tends to be well digested.

They're also very low in carbs and sugar (surprisingly, a lot of jerky is high in sugar), and they're gluten, soy and dairy-free.

Besides eating them as a bar, you can use them as a no-prep meat/protein source in various recipes such as pizza, salads and wraps. We have tons of recipes using our meat bars that come in handy, especially when camping!

Learn more about beef: Is Red Meat Healthy? 

About Our Collagen Bar

Emerging research on collagen supplementation inspired us to create Australia's first collagen bar. We saw the opportunity to make a clean, dairy-free and gluten-free protein snack with added benefits for joints (ligaments and tendons), bones and muscle fascia, as well as gut and skin health.

Collagen Bar by Chief.

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We wanted a sweet delicious tasting bar without the usual fake crap, and once again, that proved hard! Being made from nut butter and without using dates, syrups, or artificial binders, our first versions were way too crumbly, but we eventually cracked it.

The result is a delicious, biscuity, melt-in-your-mouth bar that's clean and natural, with no sugar alcohols or artificial thickeners and fillers. We don't use dates which means they're very low sugar, low carb, with plenty of protein from collagen and healthy fats from nuts and MCT oil to keep you full for longer.

They contain 11g of grass-fed bovine collagen for a total of around 16g of protein, making them perfect pre-or post-workout or simply a mouth-watering treat to get you through to mealtime! They're also suitable for ketogenic and Paleo diets.

Learn more about collagen: What is it and How does it benefit the body and The Collagen Guide Q&A

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